Juliet Kelly & Parklive

On Wednesday I photographed Juliet Kelly, who was a wonderful soulful Jazz singer, who with her quartet ran through a storytelling series of songs, with each song collaborating with a book that she had found meaning with. Very interesting stuff.

Then on Sunday I went to the awesome Parklive, mainly to photograph my friend Sleep Cycles (who was brilliant as always) but also to catch other acts playing (of which there were many). 


Sleep Cycles & Louella Jade Eke

Here is a set of images involving two incredibly talented local artists.

The challenge as always at most venues, and especially at Jacobs Ladder, was the poor lighting, as well as trying to photograph against what was an unattractive or at least distracting background.

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Nigel price Trio

I seem to have become almost a resident photographer at the Jazz nights at Bosuns, Charlestown, Cornwall. I am enjoying the challenge and trying to become more artistic with my shots.

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