Treve Stevens

Again, this is another that has taken a while to come to fruition. I think me and Treve contacted each other a few months back stating our intent to work together but through being busy, as well as lapses in confidence, we’ve only just managed to do it.

I’m glad it took until now to do it though. I think with every shoot I’m more confident in the images that I’m producing, and I imagine Treve feels very much the same with his modelling.

This shoot then, had the intention of fulfilling the emotional side of Treve that has been captured by some fantastic photographers previously, but adding perhaps a bit of a fashion magazine flavour to it.

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I absolutely love the field that I found walking one day last week. So much so that I had to go back there and take more photographs.

These are just a couple of casual photographs taken with Laura.

I created the washed out feel by shooting through a net curtain.

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Laura & Myself

I have a couples shoot coming up and it occurred to me that this isn’t something that I have done much of. I think the challenge when it comes to couples is using the space productively and creating something that says something, is artistic, rather than obvious, cheesy and Tumblr friendly.

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